President’s Message

KAGA DEVICES was founded in 1991 for the handling semiconductor sales for Mitsubishi Electric Co., Ltd.

In an environment of Japanese market is significant changing we ever had before. It is precisely because this is an era of great change that the machinery manufacturers are shifting their focus from customers electronics to automotive electronics, industrial machinery and infrastructure development in Japanese market. But another point of view, the semiconductor industry have more opportunities of business growing in market. KAGA DEVICES keep to business growing with the Kaga Electronic Group’s action guidelines. The action guidelines express as “F.Y.T”. “F” stands for “flexibility,” which is essential for adhering to changes in the world. “Y” means “young at heart” regardless of one’s career or actual age, being young at heart will enable an employee to take action and come up with fresh and creative ideas. “T” is the first letter of “try.”

In 1998, we opened a branch office in Hong Kong (present-day Kaga Devices (H.K.) Ltd.) for expand business market in China. In 2001, we established a local office in Shenzhen. In 2011, we launched a local office in India for providing semiconductors and other products to local companies and the local branch of Japanese companies, we also support their activities that contribute to our customers’ business growth.

In trend of new era, it is changing customer demand that need to provide the system integration including hardware, software and Internet of things. Not only semiconductor products sales. We are building an new platform to offer those solutions.

KAGA DEVICES and the Kaga Electronic Group aim to be a grow along with customers, suppliers and capable alliance business partners in the future with corporate philosophy “Everything we do is for our customers.”