EFINIX ドキュメント更新のお知らせ 2023.6

2023.06.28(2023.10.10 更新)

加賀デバイスのEfinix Teamです。

Titanium Data Sheets and Overview
 Ti35 Data Sheetv2.86/23
 Ti60 Data Sheetv2.86/23
 Ti90 Data Sheetv2.66/23
 Ti120 Data Sheetv2.66/23
 Ti180 Data Sheetv2.66/23
Trion Data Sheets and Overview
 T8 Data Sheetv4.86/23
 T13 Data Sheetv4.16/23
 T20 Data Sheetv5.36/23
 T35 Data Sheetv2.96/23
 T55 Data Sheetv2.96/23
 T85 Data Sheetv2.96/23
 T120 Data Sheetv3.56/23
Efinity Software
 Efinity Software User Guidev12.06/23
 Efinity Synthesis User Guidev3.76/23
 Efinity Timing Closure User Guidev4.06/23
 Efinity Interface Designer Python APIv6.06/23
 Efinity Programmer User Guidev2.96/23
 Quantum Trion Primitives User Guidev4.56/23
 Titanium Interfaces User Guidev3.06/23
 Trion Interfaces User Guidev8.26/23
Trion Pin and Package Information
 Trion Packaging User Guidev4.76/23
 T13 Pinout (.xlsx)v2.36/23
 T20 Pinout (.xlsx)v3.26/23
 Sapphire RISC-V SoC Data Sheetv3.26/23
 Sapphire RISC-V SoC Hardware and Software User Guidev5.26/23
Application Notes
 AN 006: Configuring Trion FPGAsv5.86/23
 AN 010: Using the Internal Reconfiguration Feature to Remotely Update Trion and Titanium FPGAsv2.46/23
 AN 021: Performing Boundary-Scan Testing on Trion FPGAsv1.26/23
User Guides
 Titanium DDR DRAM Block User Guidev1.86/23
Quality Assurance
 Trion Reliability Reportv11.06/23
Customer Notifications
 Customer Advisory ADV-2306-001: Passive x1 Fmax Spec Change for Trion T120, T85 and T55 FPGAsv1.06/23
 Customer Advisory ADV-2306-002: JTAG Config Timing Correction for Trion T20 FPGAsv1.06/23
IP Core User Guides
 FIR Filter Core User Guidev1.56/23
Arithmetic IP Core User Guides
 FFT Core User Guidev1.26/23
AXI Infrastructures IP Core User Guides
 AXI Data FIFO Core User Guidev1.06/23
Bridges and Adaptors IP Core User Guides
 DMA Controller Core User Guidev1.76/23
Ethernet IP Core User Guides
 Triple Speed Ethernet MAC Core User Guidev4.96/23
Memory Controllers IP Core User Guides
 ASMI SPI Flash Controller Core User Guidev3.96/23
 DDR3 Soft Controller Core User Guidev1.46/23
MIPI IP Core User Guides
 MIPI 2.5G CSI-2 RX Controller Corev1.46/23
 MIPI 2.5G CSI-2 TX Controller Corev1.56/23
 MIPI 2.5G DSI TX Controller Core User Guidev1.26/23
 MIPI CSI-2 RX Controller Core User Guidev1.96/23
 MIPI CSI-2 TX Controller Core User Guidev1.86/23
 MIPI D-PHY RX Controller Core User Guidev1.46/23
 MIPI D-PHY TX Controller Core User Guidev1.46/23
 MIPI DSI TX Controller Core User Guidev2.16/23

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