Environmental Development Business

This scarce country of resources “NIPPON!

Based on the most advanced electronics technology, we will dedicate ourselves to contribute to this country with all kinds of renewable energy projects in the ” era of energy creation”.

Photovoltaic power generation business

Photovoltaic power generation consulting business

Sales business for Domestic and overseas Photovoltaic panel, mounts, power conditioners, junction boxes and PV cables.

Design and sales of Photovoltaic power gerenation plant wireless string monitoring system

Main manufacturers handled

We offer flexible Photovoltaic mounting systems for each mega-Photovoltaic purpose and for a variety of installation conditions, including sloped sites.

Biomass power generation business

Development of biomass power plant

Biomass CHP Engineering

Its primary business in Japan is the design, manufacture, and assembly of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) biomass plants capable of generating high power efficiency levels on a below 2-megawatt scale.

No choice of fuel !

We have facilities established and operating in Europe and Latin America using fuels such as rice husks, chicken manure, sugarcane, and other fuels that are known to be a burden on combustion equipment. Based on over 50 years of experience and more than 1,500 facility locations (450 for biomass facilities), we propose the design and manufacture of ORC plants for Japan. This is the best framework for community-based energy utilization using agricultural, forestry, and fishery wastes.


To enable local production and local consumption of renewable fuels, we will design plants based on ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) technology that can efficiently operate medium- and small-scale plants of up to 2 megawatts. Mono-firing and co-firing of a variety of fuels such as bamboo with an upper moisture content of up to 60%, rice husks, and sludge, and also water-free operation is possible in areas without water availability. We propose customized systems and installation plans that flexibly accommodate a variety of fuels and geographic characteristics.

Main manufacturers handled

Valfortec is a business group founded in Castellón, Spain and has been working in this solar sector since 2005. We are engaged in solar power business, offering investors all stages from pre-design to installation, construction, commissioning and subsequent maintenance, coordinating all stages from the group’s various areas of expertise.

Storage Battery System Business

Build a storage battery

Eneman Storage Battery Business

storage battery

Eneman System Operation
【Normal operation】
・Peak shaving for power demand
・Recharge/discharge control to improve the self-consumption rate of self-consumed photovoltaic power generation
・Utilization of storage batteries as energy resources for VPP
・Balancing and arbitrage control of renewable energy power plants
【Power outage】
・Supply power to specific additions.

Main manufacturers handled

We will utilize our experience in the aggregation business to build a storage battery system that is affordable for power generators and aggregators to adopt, and contribute to the spread of renewable energy.