About Us

Kaga Device is a value-added electronics trading company that integrates superior sales capabilities with advanced technological expertise. We offer customized solutions, including semiconductor and imaging information equipment sales, as well as design and development in response to customer needs. KAGA DEVICES has a subsidiary, KAGA DEVICES (H.K.) LTD. and a sub-subsidiary, KAGA (SHENZHEN) TRADING LTD. in China, which is experiencing significant growth as a production and consumption market. KAGA DEVICES INDIA PVT. LTD. is also located in India, which is attracting attention as the world’s second largest growth market next to China. We provide optimal solutions to our customers through linkage with the Kaga Electronics Group’s extensive overseas network.

Core Business

Semiconductor and Electronic Components Business

We supply cutting-edge semiconductors and electronic components for the leading edge of the IoT generation.

Imaging and Information Equipment Business

We are the forerunner in providing high-performance, state-of-the-art imageing information equipment.

Environmental Development Business

Transforming eternal natural energy into electric power! We can contribute to the generation of renewable energy with our solid technological capabilities.

System design/development and technical support

We develop optimal devices for our customers with our unique and sophisticated technological capabilities.

Global Network

Kaga Device has group companies in Hong Kong, China, and India, cooperating with the Kaga Electronics Group’s extensive overseas network, in order to respond to a variety of customer demands.