Electronic parts and semiconductor business

Supplying cutting-edge semiconductors and electronic components that lead the IoT era.

Kaga Device provides state-of-the-art semiconductors, electronic components, wireless communication modules, and other products to a variety of customers, primarily in the electronics industry. We also offer Kaga Devices also proposes optimal solutions to meet the various demands of our customers. Kaga Device will continue to serve the essential industries in the future.

Based on our long years of expertise as a distributor, we provide optimized proposals to our customers for microcomputers and FPGAs that control, CMOS image sensors that enable various types of sensing, and wireless communication ICs that supporting the IoT.

We provide a variety of solutions from design and development to board mounting and finished products to suit our customers’ demand by utilizing Kaga Electronics Group’s own factories and subcontracted factories.

Kaga Devices operates a unique global network in China and India to provide local support for local manufacturers’ products, and has built a framework for providing cost-effective proposals as well as for ensuring that customers can use these products with confidence.