System design/development and technical support

We develop the most suitable devices for our customers with our unique and advanced technological capabilities.

Kaga Devices has its own in-house system design and development section. We quickly integrate cutting-edge electronics technologies and, based on our advanced technological capabilities, design and develop custom ICs to suit the customer’s requirements, as well as design and develop entire systems and support implementation and operation as well. We provide customized products that are optimal and precise to customer requirements.

Main Businesses

Microcomputer Software Development

おWe develop custom software for microcomputers to be implemented in our customers’ devices on consignment, contributing to the reduction of their device development efforts.

ASIC development, H/W development

We can assist customers in the development of ASICs to be integrated into their devices, system LSIs, and hardware development.

Semiconductor Application Technical Support

Our FAEs (Field Application Engineers) select from a variety of semiconductor product lineups and propose custom ICs to meet the customers’ equipment system requirements. We also provide backup support for the development of semiconductor applications in customer equipment development.

Technical support for system boards and finished products.

We provide proposals for the installation and operation of motherboards and modular devices to be integrated into customers’ end products, and technical support through vendor partnerships.